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Brian Hurley

Brian Hurley was a 1975 graduate of the Plastics Engineering program at Lowell Technical Institute now known as UMass Lowell. The oldest of four children, Brian’s parents could not afford to send him to college so he worked many jobs while in high school to earn enough money to attend school. Brian commuted from his home in Tewksbury during his first two years. Working and commuting while keeping up with his studies was difficult. He was determined to live on campus while completing his degree. With the help of one of his professors and his many summer jobs he was finally able to move on campus his junior year. Although he continued to work, Brian’s experience of college life allowed him to excel as a student. Campus life exposed him to much more than just his class work. It transformed him into a more confident and goal driven individual. College had afforded him the opportunity to gain not only the academic skills but the social and emotional skills needed for a successful career.

Brian’s hard work and “bulldog” attitude led him to a rewarding career of nearly 35 years at General Electric where he held many positions, finally attaining the position of Senior Vice President in GE Asset Management. Brian worked extremely hard during his career with aspirations of retiring at the age of 60. Unfortunately he lost a six month battle with cancer just months before he could reach that goal.

Brian truly loved his time at UMass Lowell and felt he needed to give back to his school for all it helped him to attain. He wanted to benefit students who have the same drive and determination he had, but who also struggle financially. He wanted to help deserving students who without financial help would never complete their education. He wanted to make it easier for them to be successful and benefit from all that UMass Lowell has to offer. This was Brian’s final goal.